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Rebound is a dynamic ball game played around a circular net. In short, it’s about wild dives, tricky deflections and slamming shots home. Perfect for the beach, garden, park, playground… and practically anywhere else!!

Played with 4 players, 2v2, Rebound is about passing between teammates and volleying the ball off the net until a team fails to return it.

It takes skill, speed and confidence to defeat your opponents. May the best team win!!

How to Play


Two teams of two. Each team starts on opposite sides of the net. The ball is put into play with a serve off the net towards opponent.

360° Play

Once the ball is in play, there are no longer ‘sides’ or ‘boundaries’, you can move all around the net. Mind you don’t end up next door or in the flower beds!

3 Touch

Return the ball to the net within 3 touches or less within your team. No double touches, you must alternate! Can’t do it without Teamwork!

Setting up the game

You will need: 5x Rim Sections | 5 x Legs | 1 x Net | 1x Ball | 1x Pump c/w inflation needle

Setting up Rebound

Insert the legs on to the rim sections, making sure the Rebound logo is facing out, and the rims curving in (hooks will be on the inside). You will be making a circle. Once the legs and rim sections are made up, it’s time to secure the net.

Place the net within the rim, then loop the net over the rim and attach to the hooks underneath. Do this in 3 or 4 places around the net to begin with, then continue attaching the net around the rim. Make sure the net is even on all sides, and is spread taut, otherwise you will get pockets in the net. The ball should bounce well on the net. The balls will need to be inflated, (funny this!), your set would have come with a handy pump, and inflation needle (in its hidden compartment!) – Remember to store it back there when not in use

You can inflate the ball to however hard or soft you want however, the Rebound pros suggest that the ball is kept reasonably soft, for better control when hitting. When the ball is too hard, this makes it difficult to control and the ball will fly all over the place.

Rebound Set

The complete package for action and fun.

This is all you need

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Rebound Game is wholly owned by Spectrum Products Ltd, based in Gloucestershire, UK. Firstly incorporated in 2007, Spectrum Products is a unique company that is run entirely by voluntary labour, with 100% of our profits being donated to charity for the promotion of children’s education.

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