Rebound Develops different Sports?

Yes that’s right with such a great game it can be used in various fields of sport and in a greater variety of ways. We have listed the top 5 sports that rebound can truly help develop reaction times and teamwork in warm-up exercises, 1 on 1 training, and fast paced reaction improvement.


The key role of a goalie can never be underestimated, and with up to 75% of their training time spent on hand to eye coordination and their reflex speed. Rebound is a brilliant tool to sharpen these reflexes and help you get to the ball at the critical moment and provide the support that your team need.


Rebound can be vital training tool for many rugby players as it not only increases your reflex speed but also encourages greater collaboration amongst the team. When playing rebound it increase your awareness of other team members and the ball’s movement. This is a critical aspect to rugby as being quick in your mind is as important as being quick on your feet.


Volleyball is another great sport and actually was the base on which the game rebound was born. With a great level of hand to eye and communication skills needed rebound is great way to hone these skills to perfection and get yourself in top pro condition. You can spike, serve and slam the ball in rebound just as you would in volleyball.


Cricket is fast moving game with bowling speeds of up to 120mph! this means that reactions speeds are a crucial factor when either batting or fielding.  Rebound can help you develop the reaction speeds needed to cope with the lightning fast cricket ball that could be going your way. Sharpen your act up today with rebound.

Table Tennis

Tables tennis is similar to rebound in the way that it incorporates the use of a small ball and fast paced rebound shots. With an infinite amount of spins the player can serve the players must have reaction times to cope with these. Table tennis can also be played in doubles which is where rebound is very similar as it helps implement key teamwork skills across several sports.