How do you play?

Get together two teams of two. Each team starts on opposite sides of the net.

Standing at least 6 feet from the net Team 1 serves by throwing the ball in the air and slamming it down onto the net towards Team 2, who then have up to three hits between them before they have to slam it back onto the net. (Note: You do not have to use all 3 hits but the returning team must pass at least once before returning a serve). The rally continues until one team fails to return the ball onto the net. The winner of the rally scores a point. To determine who serves first, the ball should be thrown onto the net and played as normal. Whichever team wins the rally, serves first.

Once the ball is in play there are no longer ‘sides’. Players can move around anywhere they want (preferably not ON or UNDER the net!) Only when serving must the players return to their starting positions

Switching Serves
After every 5 points, serving switches to the opposing team. When your team is serving you must alternate serves with your teammate, after every set of 5.

Points are scored by the opposing team if the ball hits the rim or the ground, bounces more than once on the net, the team uses more than three passes or if there is a double serve fault.

How do I win? 
The 1st team to reach 21 points wins. If scoring reaches a deuce then the teams switch serves after every point until a team wins by 2 points. However, if you are looking for a shorter game, you can play to 11 – switching serves every 2 points instead.

The ‘What ifs…’
•When a team fails to return the ball onto the net within 3 hits during a possession, the other team wins a point
•If the ball hits the ground during your teams possession, the other team wins a point

If your shot hits the plastic rim this is called a ‘Rimmer’ and the other team gets a point.
•If your shot hits a ‘pocket’ (a shot that hits both the inside of the rim and the net) you continue play. If there is a disagreement as to whether it was a ‘Rimmer’ or a ‘Pocket’, you should replay the point.
•To avoid a tiff, the opposing team must always make an honest effort to get out of the way of the ‘returning’ team. If someone does get in the way, it is called an ‘obs/obstruction’ and the point is to be replayed.
•If the ball does not bounce clear of the net and rim with a single bounce, the other team gains a point.
•If your serve hits a ‘Pocket’ or a ‘Rimmer’ or doesn’t bounce clear off the net, you get a second serve attempt.
•Your serve must not bounce higher than the outstretched hand of the returner, otherwise it is a foul serve
•If you fail to serve correctly on the second serve, the other team wins a point
•Only one touch is the rule, using any part of your body, then the ball must go to your partner or onto the net.
•Catching is strictly forbidden! Remember–only one touch…

Rebound with a difference
1v1 – This is a great way to practice your touch and control.
Same rules as 2v2 except you are only allowed 2 touches per possession.
Because there is only 1 person on a team, they are allowed to touch the ball twice – two touches will force you to
make the first touch as close to the net as possible which is great training for actual game-play.
3 player – basically 1v1 but the 3rd player plays for both teams. The 3rd Player must always try to keep the ball in play but can’t win points outright. As soon as one team returns the ball onto the net, the 3rd player switches sides and plays as part of the other team.

Care of your product
•A new net may become ‘saggy’ after a few games. Simply unhook in a few places, pull taut and re-hook.
•To avoid the net becoming ‘stretched’ we recommend that you loosen the net when not in use.

The scary bit
Keep away from small children as this product contains small parts and does not like being jumped on.