The Team


Lyndon plays a vital part in the team as a avid supporter and player of the rebound game. Looking after the content and digital awareness on several social media channels is his prime forte.


Marc is the chief of general Rebound growth and business strategy. He keeps a beady eye on our selling platforms such as Amazon whilst looking at other outlets to spread the #reboundrevolution.


Myron is the business strategy and the steadying influence on any ideas that pop up for #reboundrevolution. Himself and Marc look after the direction of growth for Rebound Game and ensure that customer suggestions are listened to.


Rory is the newest member on the team providing an extra bounce along our epic journey. With great insights and connections on social media he has proven himself to be a guru in Brand awareness.


Travis is the Geek on the team, looking after the content creation such as videos and promotional material, and maintaining this little website. With digital media playing a crucial role in spreading the #reboundrevolution the content has to constantly evolve to keep up with the pace of tomorrows social media.

Avid Supporters