What do you do on the Beach?

For many, beach holidays follow a simple regime of sunbathing, reading, sleeping, drinking, sunbathing some more and an occasional saunter to the sea for a float around in the shallows. An appealing way to recover from the stress of everyday life.

But seriously, there is only so much chillaxing you can do before you turn into a sun-baked beach-couch potato!! Well thank goodness for beach games, as for the rest of us, time at the beach means endless hours of competitive fun that can be equally as stress relieving as all that relaxation!

Beach games offer you the perfect opportunity to show off. Treat it as the catwalk of Sporting prowess. Let your sporting passion run wild, eject your pent-up stress and have a jolly fun game!!

So here’s our top pick of the best beach games that are guaranteed to keep you and the rest of the beach entertained for hours this summer.


An intense high energy ball game that is epically competitive. It’s Fast, It’s Furious, It’s Fun. It’s Rebound. Try it – you’re guaranteed to get hooked!!

This is a dynamic ball game played around a circular net. In short, it’s about wild dives, tricky deflections and slamming shots home.

This game is relatively new in the UK and is guaranteed to get heads turning!!

Rebound can also be played with 2,4 or 6 players so that none of your friends and family miss their eagerly anticipated game.

It takes skill, speed and confidence to defeat your opponents. May the best team win!!

Weighs only 2kg. Comes in a small carry bag, together with a ball pump.

Beware: Give yourself space – this game is intense!


The perfect way to get the whole family involved. This can be played as casually as you want, so is a great game for all ages and abilities.

Mark out a border line, pick the teams and game on!

One of the oldest and simplest beach sports that is great for team building and socializing.

Portable Volleyball nets are widely available, enabling you to play volleyball wherever you like (provided you have space in your car and a semi-level playing field).

Some families are more competitive, following all the rules to the letter while others take a much more casual attitude toward the game.

A highly competitive game with at least 6 players is a great way to burn off your energy and enjoy the company of friends & family.


This game is for absolutely everyone. Cos, seriously, who can’t throw a Frisbee? This is a super fun game that is so simple to setup and play. One of those games that just gets you totally addicted!

You only need 4 people to play this game (two teams of 2), 2 Kanjam cans, a Kanjam Disc, and a beer (optional).

And better still, you can even play Kanjam in the sea with the Kanjam Splash Set!!

A highly enjoyable game that can get highly competitive.

Best to warn nearby beach-goers of low flying missiles (aka misfired Kanjam throws)


The Original throwing game is a perfect way to relax on the beach.

Also, you can even play this game with a drink in hand, so get playing!!

Kubb is a Swedish throwing game played on a 5m by 8m pitch where the object is to knock over wooden blocks by throwing wooden batons at them.

It’s played by any number of people from 2 to 12.

Proven to be the game to play on family outings, as everyone can participate, both young and old.

Enjoy the summer sun and breeze in a leisurely game. Minimum Effort, Maximum Enjoyment!!

Kubb – the perfect way to connect with each other. Game goes well with a fruity cocktail in hand.


The brainy brother of Kubb, this is also known as ‘Number Kubb’.

Played in much the same way as Kubb, but requires more skill and chance.

For those who love Kubb but want something more challenging: this is for you.

Similar rules to skittles, where each pin numbered so that you score points as you knock over the pins.

An highly enjoyable game that makes sure your brain stays active during your beach holiday!

This is suitable for everyone, regardless of age and condition and is easily transportable.

So, for those who like to play it cool at the beach, there are some less animated options that are no less competitive and can be enjoyed by all. For all the keen, energetic beachgoers, make sure you are well equipped to show off your sporting prowess and to brag about your unique new beach game.


Wherever you go on your holidays, whoever with, please REMEMBER your favourite beach game!! Enjoy!!


Lyndon Dupont

Sports Writer